3 Clothing Tips For The Modern Cowgirl

A Western lifestyle is something that is important to many cowgirls across the country. Despite the fact that most cowgirls feel connected to their Western roots, there is also the desire to be stylish in a modern world. Western retailers are taking note of the growing desire for modern twists on traditional clothing. You can jump onto this style trend by following some simple tips when shopping for new Western clothing.

1. Look for a Modern Fit.

The number one thing that you can do when shopping for new clothing is look for pieces that feature a modern fit. Western shirts in the past have had a boxy design. This does little for the figure and can be unflattering on many different body shapes.

Modern shirts taper in at the waist to help give each cowgirl a defined waistline. This simple change has helped to streamline Western shirts and allow them to be figure flattering on almost any body shape.

2. Look for Embellishments

There are a few designs that are iconic when it comes to Western design. You will see many older style shirts adorned with roses, horseshoes, and even crosses. Modern shirts pay tribute to their design roots by featuring these iconic images as well, but with a slight update.

Embellishments are used by modern retailers to add some sparkle and interest to older designs. Look for clothing items that have been embellished with rhinestones or studs to ensure your Western wardrobe looks as modern as possible.

3. Look for Trendy Colors

Certain colors are associated with modern trends. These colors tend to change with the seasons, although some can stick around for longer.

If you look closely at the clothing featured in women's magazines or on designer runways, you will be able to discern the most modern color palette. Armed with this information, you can look for Western shirts that embody these trendy colors. The more on-trend the color is, the more modern your new Western clothing will appear.

You don't have to sacrifice style when you commit to a Western wardrobe. Modern clothing manufacturers recognize that today's cowgirls need clothing that is both functional and stylish.

You can find Western shirts with a modern fit, plenty of embellishments, and trendy colors on the rack of any Western retailer, like those who carry Cowgirl Up apparel. Use these elements to help you guide your purchasing decisions, and you will end up with clothing that pays homage to your Western roots while allowing you to enjoy today's trends.