Caring for Your Favorite Vintage T-Shirts

For many individuals, the look and feel of vintage t-shirts can make it their preferred option. Unfortunately, vintage clothing will have different needs than newer clothing items, and this can lead to individuals accidentally making mistakes with caring for their vintage clothing that can cause it to degrade more quickly. This can be particularly true for t-shirts, which can be one of the most popular items of vintage clothing.

Avoid Bleach or Other Harsh Detergents

When you are washing your t-shirts, it is important to be aware of the effects that bleach and harsh detergents can have on the colors of the fabric. Over time, these cleaning products can cause vintage shirts to become excessively faded, which can ruin their appearance. If you have particularly rare or high-quality vintage clothing items, you may want to invest in a detergent that is specifically designed for use on these older garments.

Be Mindful of T-Shirts with Prints

T-shirts with prints on them are easily some of the most popular types of vintage clothing items. While these shirts can sport a variety of different designs and colors, the prints can be at risk of being damaged if they are not gently washed. In addition to the risk that harsh detergents can pose, these garments should generally be hand washed so as to reduce the amount of friction that the shirts will experience during the course of being cleaned. Also, cold water should be used when cleaning these garments, and they should be allowed to air dry. The heat from hot water or the dryer can cause the print to peel off, crack or otherwise fail. Sometimes, it may be unavoidable to have to machine wash these garments. When these situations arise, you can limit the wear the garment sustains by washing it alone so that there will not be other garments for it to rub against.

Establish a Proper Storage Area

It is common for individuals to place the garments that they do not currently need into storage. When individuals place vintage clothing items in storage areas that are not climate controlled, the garments can rapidly degrade. If you will be storing these garments in your home, you should place them away from heat and humid areas of the home. When using a storage unit, only climate-controlled units should be chosen. When placing the garments in the unit, avoid using plastic containers as this can limit the ventilation that the garments enjoy, which can allow condensation to damage them.