6 Swell Gifts For The Survivalist In Your Life

It can be tough to buy a gift for someone who is a prepper or survivalist since you don't know what they may already have. A recurring theme among many survivalists is to make do with very little, which makes practical gifts the best option.

Six swell gifts for the survivalist in your life are:

1.A pair of military boots. Every survivalist needs a decent pair of boots, and you can't go wrong with military footwear. Look for lightweight, water-resistant boots or shoes that will keep your recipient's feet dry and comfortable. Make sure there is a policy in-place for returns, in case the gift doesn't fit right.

2.A barrel. A rainwater barrel is a super-practical and useful gift that can be used for rainwater collection, along with a bevy of other purposes. These are found widely in lightweight plastic, in a variety of sizes. Choose barrels with stoppers and handles, for ease and convenience when handling.

3.A gas-mask. Many survivalists talk about wearing gas masks, but many do not own one. Look for gas-masks at military supply stores; some chemical-resistant masks are worn on worksites that may also be a practical option. Both are fairly inexpensive to buy.

4.Five-in-one tools. If you don't want to spend the money that a good survival knife costs, go with the multifunctional five-in-one type tools. These offer a lot of versatility and usually is something lightweight enough to carry every day. Choose one with a handy belt sheath.

5.Back-packs. If you want to gift some bug out gear, choose a durable and lightweight backpack. A good backpack is essential for bugging-out, and these are found in many retail venues widely.

6.Gold and silver. Many survivalists or off-grid consumers feel that the economic system could be jeopardized in the event of an emergency; this makes gold or silver a valuable resource. Give your special someone gold or silver coins, which can be saved and used at a later time.

Many survivalists feel that, under certain circumstances, they will need to leave their home quickly to move to another location; these bug-outs require specific gear that is practical and easy to carry. All of these suggestions are well-suited to someone preparing their own bug-out plan.

Want to give a gift to a survivalist? Make sure that it is something they can use and will appreciate – like these six suggestions! Visit military supply and surplus stores or sites to find swell gifts at a variety of price points.