Go Classic When Looking For An Investment Handbag

An investment hand bag is about purchasing a bag that makes a statement and will also be functional for the long-term. It is about purchasing a handbag that you can see yourself using for years.

Choose Leather

When looking for an investment handbag, you want to go with a handbag that is going to last for a long time. Leather is a great, long lasting fabric. It ages really well and is one of the few fabrics that actually looks better over time. It is very hard to rip or damage a leather handbag the same way you can rip or damage a cloth handbag. If you want to choose a long-lasting material for your investment handbag, leather is a strong choice.

Choose Structured

Second, when you choose a style choose structured over loose. Loose styles are great for decorative handbags, but when you purchase an investment handbag that you want to last for years, go with a structural handbag. Structural handbags keep their form and tend to last longer than saggy handbag designs because they retain their shape and thus are better able to withstand daily wear and tear.

Avoid Large Logos

Third, try to stay away from bags where the logo is front and center. For an investment handbag, you want the bag to stand out, not the logo on the bag. With an investment bag, you want something that will continue to look chic for the long-term, and big, overstated logos don't tend to be chic in the long-term. A subtlety placed logo will continue to look stylish over the years.

Avoid Excessive Hardware

Handbags that have lots of elaborate hardware are made for statement pieces, not for investment pieces. Handbags with excessive hardware, although stylish, are not as durable as handbags with more basic hardware. If any of the hardware detaches, your bag will lose aesthetic and actual value. For a piece that you want to invest in having for the long-term, basic hardware that will stand the test of time is best.

Choose Neutrals

Finally, when choosing an investment handbag, it is best to go neutral with the color. A neutral colored handbag, in grey, black or nude tones, is going to look great for years to come. Additionally, a neutral colored hand bag is going to look great with a wide variety of different outfits and looks. A bright neon pink handbag or a stylish turquoise handbag is not going to match as many of your outfits and could quickly look dated as different colors come in and out of fashion. With a neutral handbag color, your bag should be stylish for years to come.

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