Learn How To Update Your Look When You Move To A Rural Location

Moving to a rural area where people dress in western attire can be a bit overwhelming for someone who has recently moved from a city. People living in a city often dress very differently than those that live in the country. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about updating your wardrobe with western wear to help you blend in to your new surroundings.

The Size of Your Hat Matters

If you want to buy a cowboy hat to wear, it is important to take the size of the hat you purchase into account. Cowboy hats come in a variety of sizes and the size hat you choose says a lot about you. A tall, wide hat is reserved for elders who have established themselves. Large hats are a sign of status and respect within the community. A small hat will make you look like you are playing dress up and do not fit in. Take the time to look at all of the hats and choose one that is not too large or too small if you want to blend in with the locals.

Purchase a Belt Buckle with Meaning

Many people do not realize that many cowboys wear large belt buckles because the buckles are significant to them. The buckles often have a unique image on them that represent something special to that particular person. Take the time to find a belt buckle that means something to you so that you can explain why you wear that particular buckle when asked.

Purchase Jeans That Fit You Well

When you live in the country, you will not see men wearing jeans that sag down to their knees or jeans that are so tight they look like they will split if they bend over too quickly. You need to invest in jeans that fit you properly. They should have enough room for you to be able to squat and bend with ease, but not be so big that they fall down when you run. Take the time to try on the jeans before buying them and walk around in them to make sure that they fit properly.

When purchasing western wear, it is important to know that you will more than likely spend a pretty penny on the items you purchase. Boots, hats, and even the buckles are not inexpensive to buy. They are all made to be durable and long-lasting though, which makes them worth the investment.