What To Look For In Farmer's Market Clothing

You can find a surprising array of homemade clothing and accessories at your otherwise typically normal farmer's market. If you are looking to add onto your wardrobe and you want truly unique items, this can be a great way to achieve what you desire. While most of the pieces you can discover are beautiful and one-of-a-kind already, you still want to make sure you know how to spot the true gems among all your prospects. Here are things you should look for in farmer's marketing clothing.

Interesting backstory

What makes handmade items so special is that they usually have a terrific story behind them. For instance, an alpaca wool hat you've been eyeballing may have been spun out of the wool of the seller's favorite alpaca, or the leather sandals could have been weathered by using a natural softening technique in another country. You want to choose intriguing pieces that have stunning backstories so you can feel more intimately tied with them, which makes them more special to you and even more trend-worthy.

True craftsmanship

Ask a vendor how they make their items to get an idea for their quality. Handmade pieces should be created entirely from scratch or nearly so, rather than be made out of doctoring traditional clothing you can just buy at the store. In other words, make sure you are buying farmer's market pieces that are authentically unique in their design and actually crafted by hand, which most vendors would be happy and eager to prove, being proud of their craft. Many vendors will prove their skills by actively working on an article of clothing right at their booth, such as spinning yarn for crocheting a vest or hammering leather until it's buttery soft for a pair of women's leather boots.

Customization options

As if your selection of handmade pieces weren't enough already, you may also want to choose items you can have further customized to fit your personality. Vendors will often add a personal touch to a hat by stitching a circle of beads into the brim, make a pair of shoes more glamorous by changing the hue of their stitching thread per your request, or even quickly embroider something onto a shirt. If they cannot do this on-site at the market itself, they can do this from their crafting room as a special order, shipping the clothing to you later or allowing you to pick it up when finished.