Six Ways To Look A Lot Better In Your Clothes

Want to look even better when you head out the door in the morning? How about when you get ready to hit the club at night? There are some simple and straight-forward ways that you can make your apparel more flattering when you put it on.

Six ways that you can look better in your clothes are:

Have them tailored. Preserve your clothing investment with custom tailoring to ensure your apparel fits you perfectly. Have dresses, shirts, and jackets tailored prior to the season you will be wearing them in, and slacks shortened or altered after buying them.

Think monochrome. When you want to project a long, lean silhouette, think monochrome in terms of color. Creating a single-color ensemble from top-to-bottom can make you look taller and thinner. Use this when layering apparel, using a contrasting color underneath for a bit of trim and visual interest.

Stand-up straight. Foster great posture by paying attention to how you stand; try standing a bit straighter with your shoulders back and your neck extended. This is also a good way to counter the debilitating impact of sitting in front of a computer all-day or working at a desk.

Iron your clothes. Make your clothes look better by keeping them tidy and ironed. Dig out your steam-iron and give your apparel a freshening up before wearing them. You may be amazed at how much crisper and newer this will make an outfit!

Watch your accessories. Err on the side of caution when it comes to accessorizing your apparel; often times, less is more. Over-accessorizing with jewelry, scarves, or head-pieces will take attention away from your outfit, so this is a good tactic to use when wearing casual clothes or if you find a stain on your garment. If you want to look your best in your favorite outfits, don't over-accessorize.

Get rid of baggage. A sure way to ruin an outfit or bulk-up a silhouette is with the wrong bags. Don't get bogged down with bags, briefcases, or duffels; streamline by investing in the perfect all-in-one accessory. Look at vegan leather or organic cotton for eco-friendly versions; opt for leather when durability and longevity are key.

Use these tips to make you look even better in whatever you choose to wear. Check with area tailors for options related to alterations and costs. Make your apparel the star by getting rid of things that take attention away, like too many accessories, the wrong bag, or wrinkles!

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