Girls Clothing Boutique: A Great Way To Sell Your Handmade Clothing

If you have created a piece of clothing that you think would be a big seller, you may be wondering how to get it sold. While it is possible to use an online platform, you should also consider going to a girls clothing boutique and talking with the owner about selling your items there. Before you go, here are a few tips on what to expect so you understand what the proprietor is talking about.


Some stores will accept products on consignment. This means you take your items to the shop. They look over the product and decide what the price should be. When something of yours sells, the shop gets a percentage of the sale. You should negotiate what the percentage will be before you leave your items to be sold. It is important that you sign some type of contract that provides a complete inventory of what you have to be sold. It is up to you to check in to see how things are selling. You can take in new products or decide that you want to pull your items out and try a different place.


It is usually harder to convince the boutique owner to take your products on in a wholesale situation unless you have proven customer base already. When there is a wholesale situation the boutique buys the product from you at your asking price and then takes it from there. Once you are paid for the items you have no say of what they do with them. The boutique sets the price. It will be up to the owner to order more product from you or not.


You should discuss with the boutique owner where your products will be displayed in the shop. Unfortunately, you will probably not be given a prime location. Bigger companies often pay to have their products put is the most visible places. Ask if you can set up a small display stand behind the counter or even outside on the sidewalk if possible. You do not want to have your items mixed in with the other items. You want customers to see your line as yours and not think it is part of a different company.

Getting a clothing line started is a lot of work. You can expand to different boutiques and even online as your brand gets recognized. With any luck, after a while you will be able to open your own girls clothing boutique and help other designers get started. For more information, go to sites like this.