Say Yes To The Dots: Ideas For A Wedding That's Polka Dot Inspired

What's not to love about polka dots? Not only do they add a vintage look to a wedding, but they're also fun to work with and open up plenty of options when it comes to wedding planning.

From the wedding invitations to your wedding dress, dots will command the attention of your guests. The key to using dots successfully in wedding planning is to strike the perfect balance between dots and solids. Using just the right amount of dots will help you create a wedding that's fashionable and unforgettable.

Wedding invitations

Look for dotted wedding invitations in colors to match your wedding theme. You can use solid-colored card stock for the invitation itself and choose envelopes with a polka dot print in the flap to create a good balance that is pleasing to the eye.

Dots also contrast well with floral prints. Use solid-colored card stock with a floral border, along with dotted envelops, if you prefer a look with a romantic touch.

Wedding dresses

Whether you prefer a white-on-white style or enjoy the more dramatic look of black and white, you are sure to find a gown that suits your style. Polka dot wedding dresses are feminine and fun. An organza gown with Swiss dots all over exudes pure romance. If you prefer lots of bling, look for dresses dotted with sequins or intricate beading.

The size of the dots makes a difference in the look you want to achieve. For instance, if you want a romantic and vintage look, choose miniature or small dots.  For a modern or contemporary look, select a dress with large dots. Color also matters. White-on-white looks best for a vintage theme and colored dots work best in a contemporary theme.

If you don't want to go completely dotty, you can choose a dress with a dotted bodice and plain skirt. You could also choose a solid bodice with a dotted skirt. To complete the dotty look, choose a sheer bridal veil with white dots and a pair of dotty gloves or shoes.

Dotty décor

Combine a sheer ribbon with white dots on top of a solid bow in your wedding colors to make elegant bows for the bridal and bridal party bouquets.

For the reception, look for dotty tableware to match your wedding colors. To create a good balance, use solid tableware and dotted napkins or napkin holders. You can also use a dotted tablecloth with solid tableware. Don't overlook the wedding cake. A tiered cake with solid and dotted layers in the colors of your wedding will make a dramatic presentation.

Having a polka dot inspired wedding is easy when you know how to use dots effectively without going overboard. Striking the perfect balance between solids and dots is all it takes to design a wedding that is fun and fashionable.