Tips For Purchasing Custom Jeans Online

When you purchase custom jeans online, you want the jeans to fit your body perfectly. This means ensuring that you provide the company that is going to make your custom jeans with all of the measurements that they need in order to make the garment correctly so that you are satisfied the first time. Here are some tips for ordering custom jeans online and getting exactly what you want.

1. Get a Professional to Measure You

First, you are going to need to get the measurements of your body. You are going to need your hip measurements, your inseam measurements, and the length from the top of your hip to where you would like the pants to fall. Because getting these measurements wrong means that you are going to not be happy with your custom jeans, you will likely want to get a professional to measure you. Going to a dry cleaner's that also does alterations will ensure that you get the correct measurements. Offer to pay one of the people who does alterations for his or her time to measure you. 

When you are having your hips measured, make sure that you let the professional know what kind of rise you want. If you want low rise jeans and you take measurements exactly at the curve of your hips, then the pants are not going to fit correctly. Have the professional write down the measurements for you in order to make sure that you do not mishear.

2. Know the Lingo

If you know the style of jeans that you want but don't know whether they are skinny, boot cut, boyfriend, girlfriend, relaxed, or straight, you are going to want to use pictures of the types of jeans that you want to figure out the exact terminology for your desired pants. Go to a store that sells jeans and flip through their options until you find a model wearing the type of jeans that you want. Write down the terminology that is associated with the jeans so that you remember it for later.

3. Look At the Washes Carefully

Finally, custom jean makers will have a variety of different washes to choose from. Always choose a darker wash than you think is necessary in order to make sure that the jeans do not lighten too much as you wash them.

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