How to Accessorize with Cowboy Boots

When you are wearing cowboy boots, you might feel invincible. Cowboy boots have a way of making some people feel stronger and cockier, like the heroes of westerns. However, cowboy boots can also be difficult to accessorize with. You might have a hard time pulling an outfit together in order to tie your modern clothing in with a subtle western style. Here are some tips for doing just that.

1. Use Belts

Using leather belts is a great way to carry the leather look of your cowboy boots throughout your entire outfit. A leather belt can essentially tie the outfit together. Consider choosing a belt that closely matches the color of your cowboy boots or has a very similar design to that of your cowboy boots in order to pull of the look. You can either wear jeans with a larger leather belt that has a prominent buckle, or you can wear a dress with a smaller leather belt. The leather belt should fall at your waistline on the dress and cinch the dress in, giving you an accentuated hourglass appearance. You can either purchase a belt that is a few sizes smaller than the one that you would normally wear with pants, or simply wear a belt that you have outgrown.

2. Consider Boot Bracelets

Boot bracelets are pieces of metal jewelry that are designed to be large enough to go around your boots and hang at the ankle. These boot bracelets can also have a variety of different beads and engravings in order to embellish them. You can find them online or in stores that sell cowboy boots. To properly use boot bracelets, you are going to want to wear one or two on each boot, as well as a larger number of bracelets on one arm in order to avoid appearing too symmetrical. Make sure that the bracelets you wear on your arm are similar in style to the boot bracelets themselves. Bangles would be the easiest option.

3. Necklaces with Leather Embellishments

Finally, it's very easy to find longer necklaces that have leather embellishments on them. For these, it is absolutely imperative that the leather match the boots as closely as possible or else the outfit will not be tied together. Do not wear a leather belt and leather necklaces at the same time or else you risk looking like you matched too much. By using leather sparingly throughout your outfit, you will be able to ensure that you properly accentuate your cowboy boots without going overboard.

For more information, talk to a store that sells cowboy boots.